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Urban Mat - Coral

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Are you looking for an ideal solution for your dog-traveller; operhaps you’re planning a picnic? The UBRAN dog mat will ideally adapt to any situation.

Drawing inspiration from modern cuts and fashionable fabric shades, it’s classic form and regular stitching give the mat a stylish look, and the lovely texture of the material will ensure your pup full comfort.

The filling is a super soft padding that efficiently protects against the cold.

The mat can be easily rolled up, and the sewed-in handle makes it super easy to transport. When folded it will be convenient even during a long trip – it takes up so little space you could bring it with you in the car, train, bike, or as a carry-on.

Also available in Silver or Graphite from LapDog Nation


Size Guide:

80 x 60cm


Care Guide:

The product is incredibly easy to keep clean.  The dog mat can be hand washed or machine washed at 30°C.  To maintain the highest quality do not use with chlorine and do not dry clean.  Remember to hang it up after washing to make sure it dries thoroughly.