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Toy - Bullet Pink

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The ultimate in crazy catch fun

Does your dog like to play catch or tug of war?  If your pooch loves crazy fun, then Bowl&Bone Republic’s Bullet Toys are the ideal choice.

The centre of gravity is in the Bullet’s ball, making it very easy to throw long distances.  Plus, the Bullet floats in water making it perfect for play at the local beach, river or pond.

Bullet Toys are made from a mixture of silk and rope; and are available in 4 colours


Size Guide:

Total length: 33 cm, diameter: 7cm

Care Guide:

Toys can be hand-washed, or machine washed at temperate of 30 °C maximum.

NOTE- Please enjoy responsibility! Decide whether the toy is suitable for your pooch, check the toy regularly to monitor it's condition (to ensure no swallowing or choking hazards) and always supervise your pooch during play.