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Tee - Hotdog Yellow

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It doesn’t get cuter than this sleeveless tank peppered with hotdogs!

Top quality material and creative design make this tee a must have for any food lover. Choose from fire engine red or bright, summery yellow and stand by while onlookers give you the nod of approval… now who’s hungry?

Please measure before purchasing!

S: neck circumference: 24cm / bust: 36cm / arm length: 5.5cm / back length: 23cm
M: neck circumference: 27cm / bust: 41cm / arm length: 7.5cm / back length: 27cm
L: neck circumference: 30cm / bust: 46cm / arm length: 8.5cm / back length: 31.5cm
XL: neck circumference: 35cm / bust 51cm / arm length: 9.5cm / back length: 36.5cm
2XL: neck circumference: 37cm / bust: 56cm / arm length: 10.5cm / back length: 39.5cm