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Poop Bag Holder - Smiley Face

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It’s an inevitable event when owning a dog ~ they poo!  And as the awesome & responsible dog owner that you are you always need to dispose of it properly

Poop bag holders no longer need to be boringly practical!  Give your Poop Bags a pop of personality with our Smiley Face poop bag holder.   This cheeky design features a transparent pocket with space to store more than enough poop bags for a day out.

Attach to your lead or handbag using the adjustable buckle fastening for added swag

Each poop bag holder comes with two complimentary poop bags

Photography by Margarita Karenko.  Repost @Honeyidressedthepug

Photographed with the Black Ombre FoundMyAnimal Lead & Matching collar, and Penn + Pooch dog tee, also available from LapDog Nation!