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Pet Diamond 'Mr Toucan'

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The Huts and Bay Cat Diamond is a contemporary capsule for your feline friend. This capsule features a flat pack design; artistic graphic prints transform this into a functional décor piece. Your cat can be comfortable within the privacy that it creates. New-age interpretation of a modern feline’s habitat. The capsule shell with attached base and cushion is ideal for a cosy cat.


Choice of 3 cushions can be purchased separately.

Capsule is made of 100% vinyl coated corrugated eco-board. This material is selected for its corrugated construction that has a high rigidity to weight ratio. Construction allows for stable and safe use. Assembly/disassembly is simple with a fun flat pack design.

Plush cushion cover with inner cushion made of soft microfibre fabric is sold separately.

Flat pack includes 1 easy-to-assemble capsule and plastic pins.

To clean capsule: Hand wipe with microfibre cloth/towel.

Measures 43 x 41 x 60 cm