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Hoodie - Amelia (Pink & White)

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One of the most popular MaxBone hoodies is back!  The classic Amelia in thick pink and white stripes- get yours before its gone.  Why we love it:

  • Simple and modern design
  • Natural fabric used in human clothing
  • Super Soft
  • Keeps your house clean from dog hair
  • Hand-crafted in USA

Lightweight fabric

The most popular hoodie is back- in thick pink & white stripes!

Size (Rough Guide):

SIZE           SHIRT LENGTH        NECK                           CHEST

S                  9"/23cm                      6-9"/16-23cm              7-10"/13-25cm

M                 11.5"/29cm                 9-12"/23-30cm           12-16"/30-41cm

L                  14.5"/37cm                 12-17"/30-43cm         17-22"/43-56cm

XL              16.5/42cm                     17-22'/43-56cm        20-30"/50-76cm

Check out the Size Guide to find the perfect fit for your pooch

The Amelia Hoodie is also available in thick blue & white stripes