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Brush - Longhair

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Taking care of fur requires regular brushing and combing.

These brushes, made of oiled beech wood, fit hands optimally and are held by a flexible strap on the back of the brush.

Our long hair brush distinguishes itself by holding the metal bristles firmly, preventing them from retreating into the cushioning or being pulled out.

The pleasant massaging effect provided by the brushing is an additional benefit, especially for younger dogs and puppies. Regular brushing not only results in healthier and shiny fur, it likewise maintains and strengthens the bond between animals and their human care givers.

Designed & made in Germany.



Brushing removes both shedding fur and dirt and protects longer fur from tangles and knotting. The skin is gently massaged in the process.  The functionality mimics brushes used in equestrian sports related care.  The brush placed flat in the hand, allows the pressure and intensity of the brushing to be applied properly.