A Little About Them

When Munchikin welcomed their first frenchie girl a few years back, it changed their life in many ways. Not only was she cute in a puppy sort of way, she had so much character, wisdom, humor, love and was a joy to have around.  Trying to find the perfect item to compliment her was beyond difficult.  That’s when Yumi, creator of Munchkin started combining her love of fabrics, sewing & kawaii things with her creativity and artistic skills to make functional, stylish items.  They named their brand “munchikin,” which was one of the nicknames for their frenchie.  Notice, though that it’s not the ordinary spelling of munchkin–the “i” in the middle makes a world of a difference, making them unique and interesting. All Munchikin items are handmade with love using quality fibers and fabrics that have been carefully selected from around the world.

Now that the Munchikin family has expanded to three amazing frenchies, they have acquired more knowledge and made discoveries along the way.   It has really helped the munchikin products evolve to where they are today.  The Munchikin product line is scaled to a few core items that they feel are necessary and basic must-haves that have been tested and approved by their own munchikins.  Munchikin products will only be offered in small lots, so once they are gone they are gone forever.

Munchikin is proud to share these products with you, and truly hope you will like them as much as they do!

About Our Products

Classic Munchikin products are made to fit the unique physique of a frenchie–woo-hoo!  They know first hand how frustrating it is to try to find things that fits a chesty frenchie properly. We hope the Munchikin tanks, tees and shirts will put a stop to that frustration!

Munchikin items are made to “face the right side.” Most all dog apparels are made with the detail along the back of the dog.  Munchikin understand that they are on all fours most of the time but this design aspect drove them crazy!  To them, it was the same thing as humans wearing their clothes backwards, and just made no sense!  Munchikin is proud to say they are the first frenchie apparel that “faced forward” and corrected this problem!  They offer a selection of quality, stylish prints to choose from but purposely limit the range of products so they can concentrate on quality over quantity.  Their aim is not to follow the trend but to make it by being true to their aesthetics, beliefs and design! . Just look at their cooling bandana–they were to first to introduce it to the US market, and now to Australia & New Zealand!

If you love fashion and want to be a trendsetter, then you’ve come to the right place! Munchikin tops are skewed towards fashion than for pure warmth. Furthermore, all Munchikin items are duly tested on their three frenchies at the sample stage! They only offer those items that have met their standards.  That is not to say they compromise in quality, because they only use high quality fibers for their apparel.  Warmer/heavier pieces are also available especially during the cooler months.  Please read the product description for more information. 



Munchikin products were designed to fit the unique physique of a frenchie, so you will find a range of frenchie specific sizes. However,
Munchikin have also developed a range of custom sizing for LapDog Nation so you will find the perfect fit for your pooch regardless of its breed!

Lap Dog/ Non Frenchie Top Sizing

SMALL: Length (back) – 23.5cm/9.25″; Girth – 40cm/15.75″; Neck – 26.5cm/10.4″; Length (front) – 20cm/7.9″).  Weight ~ 4kgs/9lbs

MEDIUM: Length (back) – 28.5cm/11.2″; Girth – 47cm/18.5″; Neck – 31cm/12.2″; Length (front) – 22.50cm/8.9″.  Weight -~6kgs/13lbs)\

French Bulldog Top Sizing

SML-MED: Length (back) – 25cm/10″; Girth – 45-55cm/18-22″; Neck – 33-41cm/13-16″.  Weight ~ 9kgs/20lbs

MED-LGE: Length (back) – 28.5cm/11″; Girth – 55-66cm/22-26″; Neck – 38-45cm/15-18″.  Weight ~ 11kgs (24lbs)

Lap / Non Frenchie Cooling Bandana Sizing

SMALL: 29cm/11.5″.   Weight ~ 4kgs/9lbs

MEDIUM: 33cm/13″.  Weight -~7kgs/15.5lbs

French Bulldog Cooling Bandana Sizing

SML-MED: 37cm/14.5″.   Weight ~ 9kgs/20lbs

MED-LGE: 44.5cm/17.5″.  Weight ~ 11kgs/24lbs