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No.1 Pawmade Pad Protector

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An all-natural dog paw ointment

Dog’s paws can become rough, cracked, and wear completely through.  This can be very painful even if your dog doesn’t show it. No1. Pawmade is an all-natural paw ointment that protects and heals a dog’s paw pads from the everyday wear and tear of concrete, asphalt, road salt, and mountain rocks.  Loyal Canine Co’s carefully selected ingredients create a protective barrier between the ground and paws, protecting them from future wear while promoting the healing and pain relief of existing damage.

Use for the following symptoms:

      • Dry and cracked pads
      • Pad abrasions and tears
      • Worn down pads


To apply, distract your dog with a toy or treat and apply a small amount to your dog’s paws before heading out on an adventure or after a long day. Reapply as often as necessary.   Allow ointment to soak in before contacting fabrics or other absorbent materials.


Please see the Loyal Canine Co Designer Page for a full list of ingredients and FAQs.

Contains a special blend of castor seed oil, castor wax, beeswax, carnauba wax, candelilla wax, sweet almond oil, caprylic/capric triglycerides, lanolin, vitamin E, cannabissativa seed oil, lavender and myrrh.  1.5oz.

Designed and made in Canada.