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Digby Scottish Tweed Carrier

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Softly padded carrier in genuine Scottish Tweed!

A huge oil painting in a stately home inspired this Digby LoveMyDog collection in a soft, hardwearing tweed check- ‘it was a Victorian country scene full of people and dogs, and I loved the colours’” said Lilly, the LoveMyDog Creative Director.  Soft, warm and hardwearing, the Digby collection suits dogs with either dark or light coloured coats.

Carry your favourite little dog in resplendent style.  Made from a stylish Scottish Tweed, with Italian leather straps, the Digby is an iconic piece of British design but also very comfortable for both you and your pooch.  The tweed is stain resistant, ultra-soft but also very hard-wearing woven from the wool of the Cheviot sheep.

LoveMyDog's unique pet carriers are specially shaped to give your dog ample space.  Take your little love with you everywhere you go, and when not on the road, it makes a perfect travel bed for them to curl up and snooze in.  Soft padding gives this pet carrier a cozy snugness, and it’s also thermo-regulating to keep your dog cool in summer and warm in winter.  It is light weight but extremely strong with long leather straps made from finest Italian leather.

The Digby Pet Carrier is exclusive to LoveMyDog and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Size Guide:

LoveMyDog’s pet carriers are suitable for small dogs, with a weight limit of up to 5.5 kgs

Carrier dimensions: HEIGHT- 12″ (31cm) WIDTH- 11.5″ (29cm) LENGTH – 19″ (48cm)

Typical Breeds include: Jack Russell, Small Pug, Griffon, Yorkie, Poodle, Boston Terrier, Mini Dachshund

Note: We recommend a harness is used for your dog’s safety when using the pet carrier