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Collar - Sidworth Scottish Tweed

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Hand woven, pure wool Tweed dog collar inspired by ladies who lunch!

Sidworth Inspired by the Knightsbridge ‘ladies who lunch’ of the 1970’s, when a pure wool Tweed suit was de rigeur, darling.

  • Collar lined with butter soft suede
  • Adjustable and easy to clean
  • Exclusive design, hand-crafted by English saddle-makers
  • Matching dog lead, dog coat and dog carrier

In the 1970’s, Knightsbridge was awash with ‘ladies who lunch’ sporting tweed skirts with a fur jacket.  Lilly’s (LoveMyDog's creative director) mum was one, and provided the inspiration for this stylish daywear collection.  Hand-woven in pure wool from the cheviot sheep, it’s extremely soft, windproof and showerproof.

The collar lasts longer than a leather collar and feels much nicer.  Each one is hand cut in LoveMyDog's design studios and finished by traditional British belt-makers, the Sidworth Dog Collar is an icon of understated design.  It’s strong enough to last a lifetime, yet super soft for maximum comfort.

Easy to clean designer dog collar

Sidworth fabrics have an invisible Teflon coating that shrugs off dirt and stains.  Occasionally it may need a clean - after all, dogs do like to roll in some unspeakable things!  When that happens, just hand wash the collar or give it a wipe over with a damp cloth, and it comes up looking like new.

Soft, washable suede lining

After experimenting with a variety of different materials, LoveMyDog eventually found that dogs love the feel of suede on their fur.  It’s soft and gentle to wear, doesn’t chafe or matt the fur and helps stop collar lines and forms an excellent backing for the tweed..

Adjustable collar- range of sizes

Each Sidworth dog collar has a range of eyelet holes to ensure the most comfortable fit for your dog.  LoveMyDog offer a range of sizes of collar to suit every breed.  Please take a look at the Size Guide to get the best size for your dog.

Matching Accessories

The Sidworth collection in this hand woven, attractive Tweed has a matching collar that looks especially good teamed with the matching Sidworth Dog Lead and Bow Tie.  Your dog can also snuggle in to the matching Sidworth Coat or Dog Carrier.

The Sidworth Tweed collection is exclusive to LoveMyDog and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.