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Lead - The Loyal

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Handcrafted bridle leather lead

The Loyal Leash is one of the basic essentials for your canine.  Loyal Canine Co designed this leash with a braiding detail at the handle and snap to provide excellent strength, while showing off the unique undyed core of bridle leather.  Bridle leather breaks in beautifully, carrying the patina of a lifetime of fun and exploration, becoming uniquely yours in the process.

Each Loyal Leash is carefully handcrafted in the Loyal Canine Co workshop in Canada; and matching Loyal Collars are also available.


  • 100% Black American Bridle Leather
  • Solid Brass hardware
  • Hand finished edges
  • Gold embossed Loyal Canine Co. logo
  • Approximately 4 feet/122cm long
  • Handcrafted in Loyal Canine Co's workshop in Canada


Avoid using leather products in the rain or other wet conditions. Due to the natural dyes and finishing of the bridle leather, you may find some color rub off when wet.

Please note, due to the hand-crafted construction of our leather goods, some items may vary in the slightest color and shape.

Why do Loyal Canine Co use bridle leather for their collars and leads?

1. Bridle leather is a high-quality leather, specially finished by hand for the making of equestrian equipment.
2. It's expected to be both strong and durable. When riding a horse, your life depends on bridle leather not failing unexpectedly.
3. It must be comfortable for a horse to wear next to the skin. Therefore, both sides of the leather are finished by hand & made to be nice and smooth.
4. It must survive poor weather, grime, and everything else a horse throws at it for many years.

For more information/FAQs please see the Loyal Canine Co Designer Page