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Lead - The Leather Alternative

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Manufactured in Found My Animal’s  studio in Brooklyn, The Leather Alternative Leash, Standard is made with pups like Chiro in mind. Help spread the word about rescue and start conversations about this very important topic.

This super sturdy all-weather leash is outfitted with only the very best solid brass hardware. Our original and signature solid brass marine-grade easy-opener carabiner has the option to screw on for additional safety.

Each leash is adorned with a flag that serves as an emblem of championship, to serve as a reminder of your animal’s rescue past and celebrates a beautiful life ahead. We are so happy you FOUND each other!

The webbing is 100% waterproof and super durable. To clean, simply wipe down with a cloth, just like your favorite pair of rain boots!

Size Guide - Leashes

Size Weight Length Thickness
S Dog S 5–12lbs/ 2- 5.5kgs 5 ft/ 1.5m 6 mm
M Dog M 12–50 lbs/ 5.5- 23kgs 5 ft/ 1.5m 8 mm
L Dog L 50–100+ lbs/ 23- 45kgs 5 ft/ 1.5m 12 mm