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Tee - Stripe Sleeve Red

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Who doesn’t love stripes?! It doesn’t get cuter than this sleeved tee that features a cartoon cactus!

Top quality material and creative design make this tee a must have for any stylish pup. Choose from fire engine red or navy, and stand by while onlookers give you the nod of approval.

Please measure before purchasing!

S: neck circumference: 24cm / bust: 36cm / arm length: 5.5cm / back length: 23cm
M: neck circumference: 27cm / bust: 41cm / arm length: 7.5cm / back length: 27cm
L: neck circumference: 30cm / bust: 46cm / arm length: 8.5cm / back length: 31.5cm
XL: neck circumference: 35cm / bust 51cm / arm length: 9.5cm / back length: 36.5cm
2XL: neck circumference: 37cm / bust: 56cm / arm length: 10.5cm / back length: 39.5cm