CasaLuna is a family business located in a small town in Colombia.
Their stunning artesanal dog sweaters are unique, soft to the touch and come in a range of beautiful colours, not often seen in wool products.
How it all began
Sisters Monica and Isabel returned to Colombia after living abroad for 25 years abroad. They settled in a small town in the Andes Mountains, Villa de Leyva, renowned worldwide for its artisans. Inspired by their stunning soundings the lovely CasaLuna Co.was born.
All CasaLuna products are made from 100% pure wool from sheep living high in the Andes mountains, which gives the dog sweaters their exceptional quality in terms of feeling, colour and thickness.
In the Andes, sheep live in optimal conditions which allow for the production of high quality wool. The wool is scoured usually environmentally friendly techniques born from the gratitude the locals have for all animals.