Bowl&Bone Republic brand was created out of real passion and love for dogs. In everything they do, they put their whole heart and attention into every detail. The products we create are not only beautiful but also practical and above all, of highest quality.

The design concepts are created in Poland by Dominika Rozniak, a dog lover who excellently manages to combine functionality with an exceptional design, and at the same time shares her passion with people and pets across the world, offering the highest quality dog accessories.

 Bowl&Bone Republic’s philosophy is simple – every dog deserves a healthy, comfortable and happy life. And every dog owner deserves the opportunity to provide his or her dog with what is best.


Soho Harness:
Extra Small – up to 26cm (neck) x 27cm-30cm (chest) x 7.5cm (back)
Small – up to 28cm (neck) x 29cm-32cm (chest) x 7.5cm (back)
Medium – up to 29cm (neck) x 33cm-36cm (chest) x 8cm (back)
Large – up to 32cm (neck) x 43cm-46cm (chest) x 9cm (back)
Extra Large – up to 42cm (neck) x 52cm-56cm (chest) x 10cm (back)

Lead length: 120cm 

Candy Harness:
Extra Small: 22cm (neck) x 24cm-33cm (chest) x 10cm (back)
Small: 26cm (neck) x 26cm-36cm (chest) x 10cm (back)
Medium: 28cm (neck) x 36cm-52cm (chest) x 12cm (back)
Large: 38cm (neck) x 50cm-75cm (chest) x 13cm (back)

Lead length: 120cm

Aspen Pullovers:
Available in three sizes
XS – length 24 cm / chest 20 – 30 cm (Maltese, York, Chihuahua or similar)
S – length 30 cm / chest 30 – 40 cm (maltese, york, pinscher miniature, pomeranian, chinese crested, bolognese etc)
M – length 38 cm / chest 40 – 55 cm (pug, french bulldog, poodle, pekingese and similar etc)